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Our core business is creating customized 3D interactive as-built models of your ship. We do this by using the most cutting edge technology available combined with a marine service background to provide solutions for:

Project Management

Communicate with all parties by making and resolving comments

Reduce change orders with more insight during planning phases

Plan installations with measurements in your Digital Twin

Vendors can bid remotely leading to more bids & more options


Showcase your vessel to clients anywhere in the world

Experience the vessel in a comprehensive and immersive way

Get your clients excited, before they step foot onboard.

Differentiate your brand and vessels from the crowd


Standardize training across multiple vessels at once

Increase safety by having informed crew & shoreside staff

Ensure a comprehensive hand-over between crews & vendors

Customized interactive training for your company and clients

View your vessels remotely

Digital Twin Marine aims to provide new industry tools that will empower vessel brokers, project managers, and inspectors to remotely access vessels, saving them time & money while reducing the risk of unforeseen conditions and change orders.

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About Us


To be an essential component of your maritime team’s toolkit. You will receive immediate value by having the most innovative, game-changing, and technology-based service.


We are changing how the maritime industry operates by providing real actionable insights about your vessels anywhere in the world.


Founded by a former Class Society Surveyor, and tech nerd, DTM saw the need for remote access to vessels. We grew from there and are always looking for others who share our vision.

How It Works


We work with your team to determine what your needs are. We then gather data about the vessel and plan our capture accordingly.


Our field engineers will capture your vessel in its true condition. The capture time on deck averages 1 - 3 days and we work around your schedule.


Our team will build your vessel’s model at our office using state-of-the-art technology and techno-wizardry.


3 to 5 days after we capture your vessel, you will have a 3D as-built virtual model allowing you to plan projects, train crew, and attract clients anywhere in the world. You’ll be surprised by how much you use your Digital Twin.

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Digital Twins change the marine industry after lockdown

In this article, Digital Twin Marine, breaks down how COVID-19 has lead to innovations in the way we work, and how the maritime industry will change in the future. We look at the future of remote operations for port engineers, marketers, and inspection companies and how Digital Twins will be a part of tomorrow's day-to-day marine operations.


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