Frequently Asked Question

Our field engineers and photographers capture your vessel using 360 cameras, drones, and laser scanners. We then take that data and build virtual models of your vessel for marketing, inspection, or project management purposes, which allow you to view your ship from anywhere in the world.

Our services are utilized by:

Project Managers, Vessel Brokers, Marketing Managers, Insurance Carriers, Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Attorneys, Shipyards, and Vendors.

Our pricing is based on your specific application and requirements. We start at $3,000 for marketing models and $1,500 for project management update models.

Our headquarters are in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, we will travel anywhere in the world to serve our clients and are in the process of planning our first field office opening.

The client portal is a secure web-based app where you can access your vessel’s Digital Twins. Each vessel will have it’s own folder where you can access your files and virtual model. We can create as many users as you would like to have access to each model. You can also create temporary time-limited guest access to allow 3rd parties, like the US Coast Guard or ABS, to view your Digital Twin for a set amount of time.

We are actively expanding our operations. If you’re interested in working with a fast-growing company, please send your resume or inquiry to:

The Web Player requires an internet connection and a web browser supporting the WebGL standard. You can quickly check the compatibility of WebGL by opening the test page at Most web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 support WebGL including their mobile versions. The Web App works best in Chrome or Firefox.

We are also using a high-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network) and the very first time you load a 3D tour will be the slowest for your geographical region. The next time you load it up, it will be much faster for you and anyone else in your geographic area

Every project is different, so we will work with you to ensure your needs are met. Our process involves:

1. Discovery Call:
We will discuss what your needs are, details about the schedule, and ask for a copy of the
General Arrangement.

2. Field Capture:
When the vessel is ready for capture, we will attend and capture the vessel. The field capture
usually takes less than one-day on-board.

3. Photo editing and virtual model construction:
Our team will edit your photos as necessary and build the virtual model.

4. Client review:
We will give you a chance to review the model and we will make edits as requested. We want you to be happy with the final product, but if we can’t edit it you your needs, we offer money back guarantees.

The virtual model will be embedded in your client portal or alternatively, we will work with you to upload it into a place of your choosing (website, internal server, marketing page).