Solving real-world problems with Digital Twins

A few months back, a client approached us with an issue: COVID restrictions prevented shipyard representatives from traveling to our client’s vessel to bid on a drydocking project. The client knew having firm quotes and detailed scope was really important to saving time and money in shipyard. Our client had been sending photos over but, struggled to get the shipyard to provide firm quotes. That’s where Digital Twin Marine came in to help with a tool for Remote Drydock Bidding.

Our team met remotely with the Port Engineer and came up with a plan to make Digital Twin Marine model for use in bidding. The ship was on lockdown for COVID but, we figured out how to make the model without going onboard. We sent equipment to the vessel where with a 30 minute review of our field capture process, the Chief Engineer was able to capture the entire vessel in 4 hours. The project was inspiring. We love challenges, and figuring out how to help our clients.

The client sent our digital twin to six different shipyards and received quotes from all six without their representatives having to step onboard.

Future of Drydock Planning

We were so excited to hear about this success for our client that we started thinking about doing this more. We realized that our Digital Twins could be used six months before a vessel goes to drydock to help plan and get bids for projects. With our 3-D digital twin the clients have a true as-built of their ship. Vendors and project managers can take rough measurements, and scope out details on machinery removals/modifications. Our models enable drydock managers to be more prepared when they go into the shipyard. Digital twins give the vessel more productive days and save costs on drydock.

Capturing the vessel before and after of the ship’s drydock period also gives the shipyard and vessel owner a living model showing what work was done during that period. This model can later be used if any warranty claims come as a result of the projects.

Find out how Digital Twin Marine’s customized tools can help your team with Remote Drydock Bidding today!