The need for remote solutions

When COVID-19 started, businesses everywhere had to adapt to lockdown rapidly. For some companies, this was easy, relatively easy(tech firms, home supply, etc.), while for others, this was nearly impossible (theme parks, movie theaters, etc). One industry that saw their operations change drastically was the Museum field. Many of the museums out there could not showcase virtually, and therefore had no way to stay connected to their customers with remote tools.

How Digital Twins helped

Digital Twin Marine built a digital twin for the Ocean Star drilling rig museum that allowed them to show off their Museum, a converted Bethleham Jack-Up drilling rig, to customers worldwide. They can now do virtual tours for student education and have a further reach than just people visiting Galveston, TX. This ability will help the Museum expand its reach and promote the oilfield in a new way.

Take a look for yourself

Check out the Ocean Star Museum yourself and we hope when you’re planning your next vacation, you consider stopping by Galveston and take an in-person tour of the Ocean Star.

Other reasons for Digital Twins

Let’s say you don’t own a Rig Museum but instead have a vessel where your clients may have trouble accessing it, a Digital Twin would allow your clients to view your ship from anywhere in the world.